Wednesday, May 28, 2008

♥Fun and wonderful evening at Allyssa's Bridal♥

Here are some pictures of us at Allyssa's Bridal. We just wanted to thank all the leaders who were able to participate and help us girls have a wonderful and great time. We all wanted to say a special thanks to Celeste Fisher who let us come to her work and try on prom dresses, and for letting us have a fun and wonderful night. Us girls had a blast and enjoyed it alot, and I hope that you all enjoy as you look through all our pictures and everything we are able to do because of our wonderful leaders we all just ♥ you all. Thx:)

Two cute girlies, Wren and Rebecka. Here are just a few pictures of them in the dresses they tried on.

Rashelle and Vanessa at Allyssa's Bridal. Look how cute they look, so adorable.

Here are some girls that were able to come with us to Allyssa's Bridal to try on prom dresses.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

♥Board Night ♥

At young Womens a while ago we had a chance to make some boards. Here are just a few pictures we took while making them and after we were done. Thx again to the Young Women Leaders for another Wonderful night, and for all the Wonderful great Young Womens who were able to make it. We all had a blast Thx:)!!!!