Thursday, July 10, 2008

♥Heber Valley Day Open House♥

May 16th 2008, Holly, Wren and I were able to follow Bishop White and his wife to Heber Valley to go check out where we would be staying for girls camp, and what everthing is like. It was alot of fun. Bishop and his wife came back home while Holly,Wren and I stayed for the meeting. Then Afterwards we went and got a bit to eat since we were all starving lol:) it was yummy!!! Thanks again for a wonderful day:)

♥Bowling Night♥

About a couple of months ago we were able to go bowling at Jack and Jill's Bowling Allie in American Fork. It was a blast!!! Here are just a few pictures that we took of us just having fun, spending some sista:) time together hehe:). I hope ya'll enjoy:)

♥CPR Night♥

A couple weeks before girls camp we were able to have a wonderful man is our ward Bro. Nielson come teach us girls CPR. It was an awesome night. Thanks so much Bro. Nielson for taking time and teaching us girls, we learned ALOT!!!